Episode 15 – Why Music Theory is Important

We get it, music theory can be boring. Learning sets of rules can be dry. Why even bother with it? We’ll tell you! Music theory is incredibly important to a career as a successful musician. Are you only a hobbyist? That’s okay! Knowing music theory will do 4 big things to unlock your playing.


1. It is foundational to the rest of music

2. It is necessary for proper communication during rehearsals and on the band stand

3. It is a great tool for personal expression

4. It is incredibly practical


Maybe you won’t get as excited about music theory as we do, and that’s okay. If the world was full of nerds like us it would probably be a scary place. We hope that we have inspired you to at least learn your “bassics” of music theory. Let us know what you thought!


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Jacob Collier explaining Harmony:


Adam Neely’s arrangement of Thank U, Next:


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