Season 1 Episode 2: Key Signatures and Scales

The first step to learning functional music theory is key signatures and scales. These are the foundations to the rest of music theory, yet so many people don’t understand them. We make it simple for you!

Mat and Tommy share their experiences of learning key signatures, scales, and how to use them. In this episode you’ll learn some tricks to learn key signatures faster. You will also learn how to turn those into scales. We will even tell you about a few “bonus” scales that you’ll be able to use to spice up your playing.

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Just the Bassics

Just The Bassics is a weekly music podcast that covers everything from Stage Fright to Scales to Interviews with popular artists. Just the Bassics strives to make music accessible to everyone by making the content easy to understand and even easier to apply to your playing. Mat and Tommy are engaging to listen to and make even advanced concepts simple for the average musician.